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Sara Lang

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Trouble at the Lighthouse: A Seaside Mystery



When Sue and Dave take their children, Jade and Ryan, on holiday to the Norfolk coast, they plan to have family outings and fun at the beach.


But Ryan’s chance encounter with a local boy leads to surprising consequences.


Who is the man in black who seems to be following them?


Why is he interested in the family?


And what secrets does the lighthouse hide?


A nail-biting mystery, perfect for fans of Robin Stevens, Jacqueline Wilson, Malorie Blackman and Sophie Cleverly.

Who is Sara Lang?


Sara trained for the theatre in a teaching capacity and spent her working and married life between England and the USA. She currently lives in Gran Canaria, Spain, where she is working on a memoir, Pictures of England, and an anthology of children’s poetry about animals across the world. Sara regularly writes travel articles about cruising and life in the Canary Islands which she mentally calls Batty Brit Abroad.

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