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From memoirs to poetry, adult books to illustrated works for children, KIM Publishing has been successfully helping authors publish their writing for several years.

Whether you're looking for a publication contract or just need help editing, proofreading or preparing your book for publication, KIM Publishing can help you achieve your publishing dream. 

To see your book alongside those of other bestselling KIM Publishing authors, please visit our Contact page.

Book of the Month

Working for Wildness: A Naturalist Guide’s Travels in the Arctic, Antarctica, Africa, India, Russia, New Zealand and Scotland

When Colin starts working as a wildlife conservation guide, little does he imagine the extent of the exhilarating and heartbreaking challenges ahead. From polar bears and penguins to wildcats, leopards, rhinos, possums and pilot whales, he finds himself witnessing the perils facing global animal life, as well as the challenges confronting those who work tirelessly to protect it.


Narrated with humour and sensitivity, Working for Wildness is a compellingly textured tribute to nature’s global diversity and to humankind’s complex relationship with those things around us that are still untamed. 


A perfect choice for animal lovers, readers of travel memoirs and those interested in conservation.

From Heartbreak to the Hippie Trail: Sex, Drugs, and Backpacking in Europe, Israel, East Africa, and Asia

When Ken’s wife suddenly leaves him, little does he imagine this will give him a lifelong love for travel. Soon he is sharing a truck with Maasai warriors and his tent with a lion, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and having his cheek broken by an irate restaurant owner in Singapore.

From being mistaken for Ringo Starr and having his frisbee mistaken for a bomb in Indonesia to smoking opium in Laos at the end of the Vietnam War and fleeing comically from a bathroom disaster as a result, he immerses himself in a ’70s world of drugs, sex, and backpacker life.

Will he make a success of selling Singapore-made shirts when he returns to the US or will his crazy lifestyle prevail?

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