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Kimberly Hockaday


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A Mourner’s Diary: Poems of Grief and Healing: A collection of short poems exploring love, loss, grief, and the acceptance of coming to terms with the death of a loved one.

Soul Mates: Poems of Eternal Love: An uplifting collection of poems celebrating love; a love that many people know about, but few are blessed enough to experience. Eternal love.

Beautiful, Strong Women: Poems of the Journey to Overcoming Domestic ViolenceA collection of short poems dealing with violence towards women, sharing the pain and healing of Domestic Violence victims and survivors as well as the fight for respect for women. A perfect read for supporters of the #Metoo movement.

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Through the Eyes of Children: Poems of Young Victims of Neglect, Abuse, and Violence: An anthology of heartbreaking poems expressing the thoughts and emotions of children who are victims of neglect, abuse, violence, or family breakups. A perfect read for fans of Dave Pelzer, CeeCee James, Cathy Glass, Sarah Burleton, and Angela Hart.

Is There Hope for a Broken Humanity? Poems of Pain, Sexuality, Conflict, Faith, and Hope: A collection of emotional poems exploring pain, sexuality, conflict, faith, and hope. It is sure to move and inspire all who read it.

Mama's Cancer: Poems of a Mother and Daughter’s Journey of Heartbreak, Faith, and Strength: A heart-rending and uplifting anthology of poetry to inspire hope, faith and strength in all who read it.

Who is Kimberly Hockaday?


Kimberly is a poet and author from Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, and is a Distinguished Student Poet of Eastern North Carolina. She created a monthly poetry reading gathering, Poetry Reading Extravaganza, in 2013 and has had her works published in newspapers and literary magazines. Kimberly is currently a contributor to Real Hot Magazine and has performed at a number of venues including Art Out Loud in Roanoke Rapids and the Juneteenth Celebrations in Garysburg, North Carolina. She is passionate about the arts and enjoys writing poetry with a purpose. She hopes her writing not only entertains but also educates and inspires her readers.

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