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Kenton van Dunk


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Kenton Lion Heart: How To Change From Who You Are To Who You Want To Be:


Written for all ages, a simple yet profound story whose insights have the potential to change the life of all who read it.


The Boy with the heart of a Lion, who did not believe himself worthy, and became a Leaf.

The Leaf which blew in the wind and got lost, and found itself as a Lion.

The Lion who changed the world.

You are not what you are born as, but what you have in you to become. If you have a dream, a fire, a passion, hold onto it, follow it. It is the blueprint of what you are here to do. Create the life you want to live. By doing so, you do your part in creating a better world. In your heart, it is written. Now start writing your story. "Kenton Lion Heart: How To Change From Who You Are To Who You Want To Be" will help you change your life.

Who is Kenton L. Van Dunk?


Kenton was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is an inspirational young author, motivational speaker, and and founder of the non-profit organisation “This Is Your Life.” He is currently living and working in Hoi An, Vietnam. His charitable organisation helped Quang Nam Center for orphaned and disabled children to provide English lessons, football practice, art projects, and extra clothes for the children who live there. He is currently living and working in China.

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