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Colin Souness

Working for Wildness: A Naturalist Guide’s Travels in the Arctic, Antarctica, Africa, India, Russia, New Zealand and Scotland

When Colin starts working as a wildlife conservation guide, little does he imagine the extent of the exhilarating and heartbreaking challenges ahead. From polar bears and penguins to wildcats, leopards, rhinos, possums and pilot whales, he finds himself witnessing the perils facing global animal life, as well as the challenges confronting those who work tirelessly to protect it.


Narrated with humour and sensitivity, Working for Wildness is a compellingly textured tribute to nature’s global diversity and to humankind’s complex relationship with those things around us that are still untamed. 


A perfect choice for animal lovers, readers of travel memoirs and those interested in conservation.

Who is Colin Souness?


Colin was born in the West Highlands of Scotland, later growing up amongst the hills of the borders. The rugged beauty of those lands left their mark on him and, after initially studying geography in Edinburgh and graduating from the Royal Air Force Academy in Cranwell, England, Colin returned to university in Wales, gaining his doctorate in glaciology; the study of ice masses like those that carved the mountainous lands of his birth.


Colin now works as a naturalist and geoscience guide in the polar regions, chasing summer from pole to pole. When not at high latitudes, he seeks opportunities to work in conservation around the world, learning what he can in order to write and share those experiences. He lives primarily in Cape Town, South Africa, with his wife, wildlife photographer Nicky Souness.

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