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Why should I choose choose KIM Publishing?


We offer a personalised service and are available throughout the publication process to discuss all aspects of your book.


Unlike many publishers, our service is entirely FREE if we offer you a publishing contract, with no hidden costs.


We help you during and after publication. We make every effort to help you with the marketing and promotion of the book to maximise sales once it has been published.


Unlike many publishers, we pay royalties monthly and provide full information re how many books you sold, and where they were sold.


We will publish your book across numerous countries including, but not limited to, UK, US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Brazil, India, Japan etc. 


We will include your book on our website and and add sales links from it.


Once you sign a contract with us, we guarantee your book will be published, unlike an agent who may give you a contract but never find you a publishing deal.


How much do your services cost?


Our services are all entirely FREE when we offer you a contract. We take a small percentage of your royalties once the book is published. This ensures we have exactly the same commitment to your book as you do - we only make money if you make money. Unlike so-called "Vanity Publishers" who charge authors upfront for the provision of editing, proofreading, formatting, and publishing services, we believe that we should have exactly the same goal as you do. We take care of everything for you, discussing with you throughout the process to ensure you are satisfied with the finished book.


What publishing services does KIM Publishing offer?


We provide an end-to-end publishing solution for you, taking your manuscript and turning it into a polished and professional ebook and paperback. Our services include editing, proofreading, formatting, cover design, publishing, and marketing.


Do you offer bespoke services if I want to self-publish?


Yes. We can provide a range of individual services including proofreading, copy-editing, developmental-editing, formatting for ebook and Kindle, cover design etc. if you prefer to self-publish your work or if we are unable to offer you a contract. 


Do you produce both ebook and paperback formats?


Yes, we publish in both formats. And can produce the ebook in Kindle, iBook, Kobo, Nook etc. formats.


Do you publish all books you receive?


No, we can only offer contracts to authors of books we believe will succeed in the marketplace. If we cannot offer you a contract, you may choose one or all of our paid services to help you publish your book. 


Do you offer editing or proofreading services?


If you are simply looking to have a manuscript edited or proofread rather than published by us then we can offer that service for a fee. Please email us with your requirements and we will make you a custom offer.


What genres do you publish?


We will consider requests across all genres. If we do not feel we are the best solution for your book, we will be sure to tell you. As all our services are free, it is as important to us as it is to you that we are confident of being able to produce sales for the book. 


What information do I need to submit?


Please see our Contact page for further information on the submissions process.


How do I send a submission to you?


You can submit your manuscript as a Word or PDF document to, marking the subject matter as "Book submission".


Do you publish worldwide?


Yes, we publish to all major countries including, but not limited to UK, US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Brazil, India, Japan etc.


What is the process once I have submitted my book?


We will review your submission, usually within one week, after which we either ask for the full manuscript or inform you if we do not believe your book is right for KIM Publishing.


Do I need to hire an agent?


No, we handle everything for you. One of the many advantages to using KIM Publishing is that, by signing a contract with you, we guarantee that your book will be published. Agents frequently sign up authors and fail to get them a publishing deal, preventing the author from publishing in the meantime.


When do I get paid?


Unlike many publishers who only pay six monthly in arrears, KIM Publishing pays you as soon as we get paid by the distributor - usually two months in arrears. Payments are made to you via Paypal, although alternative payment methods are also available.

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