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Jacky Donovan

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From Fear to Serenity: A Lombok Earthquake Survivor's Tale When Jacky visits the tiny Indonesian island of Gili Air, she envisages idyllic beaches, breathtaking sunsets and deep tranquillity. Her picturesque dream of island life is crushed as a series of fatal earthquakes immediately hit the area. As she dodges a potential tsunami and falling debris and fights for an escape route to safety, will she weather the storms of her nomadic life or head home to Spain?

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Smoky: How a Tiny Yorkshire Terrier Became a World War II American Army Hero, Therapy Dog and Hollywood Star When Smoky, a tiny Yorkie Terrier, is miraculously found in a foxhole in the steaming jungles of Papua New Guinea, she has no way of knowing she will become a World War II hero and Hollywood star.Flying with her new owner, Corporal Bill Wynne, on deadly combat missions, she is soon assisting the war effort, entertaining and bringing comfort to the soldiers with her unique tricks and spirited energy. Based on the true events of the American Army’s wartime struggles and Smoky’s outstanding television career, her moving and uplifting tale is sure to entertain and touch the heart of all who read it.

Smart as a Whip Front Cover.jpg

Smart as a Whip: A Madcap Journey of Laughter, Love, Disasters and Triumphs What happens when you swap business suits for thigh length boots? When Jacky meets Max she finds out, with hilarious consequences, but can she fulfil the bizarre and risqué fantasies her new career demands or will it destroy her… A quirky love story full of surprises and sparkling humour that will leave you begging for more.

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Seacat Simon: The Little Cat who Became a Big Hero When young cat Simon is smuggled on board a ship, he never imagines his quiet little life will soon become an adventure fit for heroes. With new friend Peggy, the ship’s dog, he bravely fights King Rat and his gang, rescues the crew, and shows the joy an animal can bring to our lives. Winning the hearts of the sailors and people across the world, Seacat Simon’s inspiring and moving true tale of love, friendship and adventure is sure to enthrall a new generation of children.

Seacat Simon: The Little Cat Who Became a Big Hero: An illustrated picture book When young cat, Simon, jumps on board a ship, his quiet little life soon becomes an adventure fit for heroes. Winning the hearts of the sailors and people across the world, Seacat Simon’s true story is a purrfect and inspirational tale of bravery for young children.

Who is Jacky Donovan?


Born in England, Jacky is currently backpacking the world whilst successfully publishing 6 of her own books and helping over 30 authors to publish theirs, regularly turning them into Amazon bestsellers. In between her writing, she has trekked to see Mount Everest, tandem jumped from a tiny plane, been on Canarian TV due to her crazy long fingernails, run a lesbian dining club, escaped from a yoga holiday in a dinghy, done charity work for Breast Cancer and Gay Pride, and travelled to the North Pole on a nuclear-powered icebreaker.

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